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Chef Raekwon Cooks It Up At Clippers Game

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There hasn’t been much to the Los Angeles Clippers home games this season aside from a toddler-sized handful of wins, multiple second half and fourth quarter collapses, several blowout losses, and tons of disappointment. This last game I went to with my sister at Staples Center was against the Indiana Pacers. We have Mike “Dumbleavy” Dunleavy Sr. and they have Mike “Lil Dun Dun” Dunleavy Jr. I’d trade father for son any day of the week even though Jr. has been hobbling around injured all season. Yet again, the Clippers melt down in the fourth quarter by blowing a double digit lead and breaking Lawler’s Law. Carrying a hefty lead into the fourth, you’d think that the game was in the bag, but that’s never the case with the Clippers. Self-proclaimed match-up king, Mike Dunleavy Sr. opted to go with the same play over and over and over again. You don’t even have to watch basketball to pick up on the pattern of holding onto the ball and passing it into the post for Zach Randolph to try and score. A causal onlooker can figure that out in about five or six plays. Imagine how fast an opposing NBA team, which getse paid millions of dollars to win, can switch up their defense to shut that boring offense down. Anyhow, the Clips lose and we’re heading out of Staples Center when a bunch of people are stopping this dude in front of us and asking for pictures. I asked someone who it was and they said Wu Tang Clan. He didn’t look familiar, but I figured it had to be Raekwon aka The Chef since it sure as hell wasn’t Method Man. Dude was a lot smaller than I expected, though. Then again, people say that to me all the time. So for future reference, I am well aware that I look a lot taller in the magazine and on videos. There is no need to remind me. Thanks. Oh yeah, back to Raekwon from the Wu Tang Clan. He was pretty chill. Stopped to take pictures and sign autographs for anyone who asked. Though I’m still not quite sure why he was at a Clippers game. Hopefully he comes out with a new album soon. I still have “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx” loaded up in my Apple iPod Mini with songs like Ice Cream, Wu Gambinos, Rainy Dayz, and Glaciers of Ice. I’d post some of the lyrics on here, but they’re a bit on the inappropriate side so it’d take too much work to mask the profanities. OK, well here’s one. Wu-Tang in the cut, for real ni**az what? It’s the after party and b**ches want to f*ck. Ice cold b**ches melt down within my clutch
and want their t*ties sucked, ice cream.”

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