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NHRA Drag Race Tire Tech From Goodyear Giant

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Don’t be afraid of Justin Fantozzi. He’s a pretty enormous dude, but he means no harm. He might look like he could palm your face with his baseball glove-like hands, but Justin is really mellow. He’s actually the Marketing Manager for the Goodyear Motorsports division. Goodyear is the only tire for NHRA drag cars so in this video he goes through the technology that is put into each slick to make it perform down the quarter-mile (actually 1,000 ft as I mentioned many times before). It’s more than just a circular piece of rubber.  One thing you’d be glad to know is that they put the same amount of technology into a tire for an 8,000 horsepower top fuel funny car as they do for your passenger vehicle. Just don’t drive like an a-hole.

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