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Ceramics Class

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If there are two things that I’ve learned in the past 15 or so years, it’s that if Andy Yu asks you to do something to your car 1) it’s definitely worth it and 2) it’s not going to be cheap. That’s what we call the Andy Life. I had dropped off my Acura NSX at Car Code to get a clutch job and smog check. Yeah. Andy owns an auto repair shop and it’s really clean. What a jump from the V-Spec days. While it was there, Andy texted me something along the lines of “do you want to do what Will (Law) did to his NSX? I ceramic coated it and he says never felt anything like it.” Ceramic coat my headers? “No. Your paint.” My paint? What is this voodoo magic that he speaks of?

Turns out that it was a new paint treatment that he was offering at his Car Code Auto Spa carwash. Oh yeah. Andy owns a carwash, too. It’s actually one of the best places to take your car because they do a true hand wash. No rails or anything so you don’t have to worry about scratching your body kit or rims. But yeah, we’ll save that for another day. I texted Will asking him and he said it came out great. But it wasn’t cheap. It definitely wasn’t cheap. Emphasized multiple times.

PJ Bonifacio had painted my NSX a long time ago and he did a great job. I, on the other hand, have not done a great job maintaining it. I’ve only washed it and waxed occasionally. No clay or polish. The Star Shield Armor clear bra that I had turned more into a yellowish color and rough feeling. And really, I’ve been pretty lazy about the washes since I don’t drive my car that much anyway (excuses). Anyhow, so I gave Andy the OK and kept my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t max out my Chase Sapphire card.

I ended up leaving my car at Car Code for a few weeks because I was traveling anyway. Then when Jingru and I went to pick it up and shoooooot. It was smoother than Baby Skyler’s little baby butt. Even my Star Shield felt like glass. See for yourself in the videos below. Someone a long time ago said about our magazine cover that you need to make it look so good that people want to lick it. I’m not going to reference his name because he still owes me money, but yeah. That’s how my car looked after the ceramic coating. Like you wanted to lick it (but please don’t).

Definitely worth it if you have some extra money, lots of extra money, and want your car’s paint to look better than new. Ask for Andy Yu or William Law. Use secret code: RikDaddy for a reverse discount lol. Information listed below.

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