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Racism Is A Virus

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This post is actually from one of my good friends. She is a White American and we talk about racism all the time. More than any topic lately, which is a bit sad because that’s the world we’re currently living in. Dating outside of her race and currently being in an interracial marriage with a biracial daughter, she’s faced racism like she had never seen growing up. I asked her to share her experiences in the hopes that it will give everyone a better understanding of racism People of Color are facing in America.

My story starts off in a small country town in the United States with a population that is 99% White. All mid to upper class families. The high school I went to had a set of half Black and half Asian people in it. That’s probably as diverse as it got in my town. Growing up, I was CRAVING for diversity and ran off to a more diverse state for college in the South. I was met with my first taste of genuine Black culture, but also very racist White culture. Being in the car scene, I already had plenty of Asian friends, but now my Asian friend circle grew larger daily.

I was surrounded by Asian men with all similar interests to me and I began dating outside of my race. Filipino, Chinese, and Korean. I embraced all of these cultures and soaked up knowledge on customs, food, and traditions like a sponge! I finally felt more satisfied in life as I had friends of all color and continued to learn new things daily.

Then came my first small taste of racism. A coworker told me that her boyfriend said I was NASTY for sleeping with Asian men and that he looked down on me because of it. I didn’t even have a response, just a deep sadness in my body. How could someone say this to me? Why did it matter who I chose to date? I actually wound up quitting this job because I couldn’t stand the sight of this person any more. I became bitter and jaded, and swore off dating anyone from my race.

Fast forward to a few years later. I start dating a new Asian man and brought him to meet my grandmother in a southern state. We were holding hands in a major department store and an older father and son walked up to me, and in my face said “you’re disgusting!” Both my boyfriend and I didn’t even realize why he said I was disgusting until a few minutes later. That’s how dumbfounded we were! My second taste of racism. All because of the skin color of who I choose to love. I hate when people say “I don’t see color.” I DO see color and I LOVE color! Cultures are intoxicating once you open your heart to learning about ones beyond your own. (By the way I’ve dated many different races, not just Asian.)

Continue on to marriage. The day before my marriage my biological dad asked me if I was sure I didn’t want to find a nice White man. Devastation and hatred filled my veins. Then onto childbirth. My beautiful hapa baby. I am beyond proud of her. I began to take her out into society. Then come strange looks from people (she looked completely Asian). A few were so bold as to say “Are you the nanny?” “Is she adopted?” “Is she mixed?” Many White people have zero filter with their thoughts. Odd questions from strangers start to pick at you, and eventually I’d get a little snappy. Like “what business is it of yours, Nancy?”

My husband travels for work and recounts his experiences in most southern states often. Being followed by police, being called a chink, gook, and you name it. I hear stories from how he was treated as a child in an all White school, as an adult in an all White college, just in life, and my heart continues to hurt. Why are people so cruel? Cruel because of the color of your skin?

I did not know the world was like this until it directly affected myself, and my family. I grew up blind to racism existing. I come from a White family of privilege. My privilege has given me quite a nice, but naive life. I did not understand what racism actually meant. Looking back, I laughed at racist jokes. Now, I immediately walk away, or let the person know how wrong they are.

Nowadays, we have a president who promotes White superiority. He will not denounce White terrorists, but will verbally destroy anyone outside the White race. When our garbage of a human president started calling COVID-19 the “Chinese Virus” and “Kung Flu” I turned red. Did the rest of the world attack us for the swine flu? Which originated here? Then came the day I didn’t think I would see. My baby came home from school and told me that her classmates were bullying her for being Chinese. Previous friends told her to stay away from them because they didn’t want to get sick. They called her names and encouraged others to do so and blocked people from playing with her. She came home in tears because of the words that orange dumpster fire continued to spread on national TV. The worst part? One of the kids was Vietnamese!

So now my social media is filled with White people arguing semantics on racist incidents. “Well they didn’t mean it like that” “I hate that they wrote it was a White man” “they probably deserved it” “All Lives Matter”

I am sick to my stomach each and every time I see garbage like this on Facebook or elsewhere. What’s worse? People I thought I adored have shown their true racist colors to me. My race has let me down immensely. I’ve deleted family, and friends over this. I’ve seen people say “I’m so sick of hearing about racism”. GUESS WHAT? People are so sick of EXPERIENCING racism!

If you remain silent on these issues and don’t tell people they need to knock it off then you are just as bad. Words and actions hurt. Use your White privilege to make our world better, not worse! Little changes daily can help. If you are reading this and feel uncomfortable, that is a good thing. Take that feeling and use it for change. Be the advocate for your fellow man! Help make my daughter’s world a safer, and better one! It’s hard, but you can do it.

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