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Meet Skyler Crawford Chu

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May 29th, 2020 I really became RikDaddy. I can’t say that we weren’t expecting, we just weren’t expecting so soon. Back in October, Jingru surprised me by telling me that she was pregnant. Quite possibly the biggest news of my life. Throughout the months, we started to plan and go to our scheduled doctor visits. Our due date was July 9th, 2020 but little did we know that our baby boy had different plan in store for us. I apologize in advance because the timeline is going to jump around way more than the Michael Jordan documentary did.

Midway through the pregnancy, Jingru got an ultrasound and the doctor told us that she had “marginal cord insertion” which meant that the umbilical cord wasn’t centered. He said that it wasn’t much of a concern and that closer to the due date we would have to come in once a week to make sure everything was ok. Around mid May, went back to our regular doctor and he said that we should start going in twice a week to see him and monitor the baby’s heart rate.

The first visit was on a Tuesday and it went fine. A 20 minute session on the heart rate monitor and everything seemed normal. The second visit was Thursday and the doctor saw a slight drop in the heart rate so he told us to go back again on Friday. The Friday session was smooth so he scheduled us for the next Tuesday and Friday. He wanted to space the days out enough but also didn’t want them too far apart. Plus the Monday was Memorial Day and their office was closed. Tuesday morning, no problems found so we went back on Friday. For 15 minutes, the baby’s heart rate was fine so the doctor was talking to us and then he saw a deceleration from normal 135bpm – 160bmp down to 85bpm. By the look of his face, we knew something wasn’t right.

He told us to go straight to Hoag to get Jingru and the baby on a monitor 24/7. I had a sales meeting, phone interview with Mo Kelly, and another Zoom interview on my calendar plus about 100 other things that needed to be done. So we drove two separate cars thinking we would be in and out in 30 minutes. That wasn’t the case. We checked in at Hoag and they immediately put Jingru on a monitor. For 45 minutes, everything was fine. They even sent a tech up to do an ultrasound and she told us that the baby looked great. Then Jingru got up to use the bathroom, came back and the baby’s heart rate decelerated again. I asked the nurse if there was a chance that the sensors slipped out of position and she said not in this instance. They shifted Jingru around and the heart rate went back to normal so everyone relaxed a bit. I went downstairs to hold our Ring Central sales meeting and talk to Mo Kelly. Jingru texted me that they moved her into a different room. They told me it was the “Kobe Bryant Room” because that’s where Vanessa Bryant stayed when she had their babies.

I go upstairs and the room was huge like a Las Vegas suite. Jingru is on the monitors again with a different set of nurses. They told her she can’t drink water or eat anything just in case they have to do a C-Section that day. We barely ate breakfast so both of us were starving. Plus it was freezing in the room so she had to use the bathroom again. Bam! Decel again. Nurses rush in and shift her around until the baby’s heart rate goes back to normal. The on-site doctor came to talk to us and so did our own doctor. They explained the situation and what precautions they had to take to keep our baby safe. From what it sounded like, Jingru was going to have to stay at the hospital until she went into labor in 6 weeks.

It was barely noon and we had so much activity already. I was exhausted and my dad called me for an unscheduled conference call. We didn’t plan for any of this so neither of us left the house with a charger, toiletries, or anything. I asked the doctor if it was ok for me to run home really quick to get some stuff and he said to wait until 3:00pm to see if anything changed with Jingru and the baby. By 4:00pm, nothing changed. The baby’s heart rate was as steady as it could be. So the doctor said I could leave but to hurry back. Just as I got to the second stoplight, there was a bunch of Friday traffic. My phone was at 20% and my sister and mom were calling me to find out what was going on.

I didn’t even make it past Del Taco when Jingru called and said the doctor wanted me to go back right now. RIGHT NOW! Now I was worried. I flipped a bitch and got right back to the hospital. Thankfully, the traffic wasn’t heavy going back. I get checked in, go upstairs and there are a bunch of nurses cleaning out the room and the alarm is blaring. So I’m like WTF WTF? They tell me Jingru was moved into a different room and that I can’t see her yet. By this point, I’m going crazy worried about her and the baby. Please let them be OK. Please!

Two doctors come out to talk to me. One was a high risk doctor. He told me that the baby’s heart rate decelerated again but for very long period of time compared to earlier. That was a huge concern because the baby might not be getting enough blood flowing to him. He said that he would wait for our doctor, but he was pretty certain that they’d all agree to do a C-section that afternoon. They suited me up in coveralls, shoe covers, and a bouffant cap (none from Chu’s Packaging Supplies even though I offered them up for donation) and I relayed their message to Jingru. I told her the most important thing was that her and the baby were safe so we’d have to trust the doctors and their decision. Maybe it was from going to the bathroom but with as much water as she drank and the room being freezing, there was no way to minimize her bathroom breaks. Our doctor showed up and pretty much told me the same thing and apologized because this obviously wasn’t anything that any of us were expecting that day. By the way, my phone was at 5% at this point. Jingru giving birth to our baby boy and I didn’t have a camera ready? No way. I asked the nurse if she could charge my phone so she plugged it into one of their machines while I waited for Jingru to get prepped for surgery.

“Baby Chu is on the way!” is what I texted my family and friends. Everyone was like “what?!” It’s just one of those things I keep reminding myself. Even though we have our timeline, the universe might have different plans for us. We didn’t have his nursery prepped and we hadn’t even picked a name yet. Wait. We didn’t have a name yet. Everyone had been asking us, even the nurses. We had narrowed it down to three options. Bryce, Skyler, or Parker. They all sounded strong with Chu as a last name and even stronger with Crawford as a middle name. I did some starting lineup introductions using the three names and they were all good. Crap. We’ll have to decide after he’s born. Dude. We had a baby shower scheduled in two weeks so that had to be canceled.

In the operating room, Jingru was so brave. They let me stay inside and hold her hand during the procedure. Before we knew it, our baby boy was out and crying. Thank goodness. He looked great and Jingru did as well. They let me cut his umbilical cord and rushed him up to ICU. Our little prince had arrived. Six weeks early but healthy and strong. I went with Jingru to her new room and watched her get situated then went home to pick up some stuff for our stay at the hospital. When I got home, I had two issues of PAS Mag in the mail. They probably just arrived since our mail man shows up at like 8pm. One issue was the Skyline GT-R special so I knew it was a sign to name him Skyler. My parents dropped me back off at the hospital so we wouldn’t have to leave to cars there. Because of COVID19, the hospital restrictions were pretty tough. I’ll follow up with those in my next few posts.

What. A. Day.

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2 Responses to “Meet Skyler Crawford Chu”

  1. Janel says:

    Even though I knew most of the story, I was still in suspense. I can’t wait to meet Skyler! Congrats to you and Jingru!!

  2. Aaron Fischman says:

    What a triumphant return to blogging, and a fitting occasion to do it! I look forward to getting caught up on the entries since this one. I can’t imagine how hectic your life has become, especially since the birth and taking Skyler home, but if you can keep blogging about your early experiences with fatherhood, I’m sure many will keep reading. I know I will.

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