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Chinese, Japanese, Look At These

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I have to skip my fitness blog this week because I wanted to address something that happened over the weekend and became a bigger ordeal to some than others. On Friday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers were playing against the Houston Astros in the MLB World Series. Probably a pretty cool thing for people who watch baseball, which I don’t claim that I do. During the game I was scrolling through Twitter and saw a bunch of posts about some Astros fool named Yuli Gurriel pulling his eyes back to be “slanted” to make fun of Japanese Dodgers pitcher Yu Darvish and calling him “chinito” to top it off. Call it racist, call it rude, call it racially insensitive, call it derogatory. Whatever you want to call it, make sure you call it wrong and f*cked up. People were trying to pass it off that Gurriel had dirt in his eyes and needed eye drops. You have to be dumb as hell to believe that. Everyone knows damn well what Gurriel was doing, especially him.


Whenever things like this pop up in the media, sports, or our regular lives it generally gets swept under the rug rather quickly. Especially when it comes to Asians because we as a people are rather non-confrontational. Take responses from Jeremy Lin and Yu as examples. Well, most of us are. Definitely not me. I mean, it’s almost 2018 and people are still doing this type of shit thinking it’s funny? Then comes the other side saying that we are too sensitive, triggered, salty, and all that noise and that it’s no big deal so we should just get over it. I’m sorry, but who the hell are you to tell me that something isn’t a big deal? So I thought to myself. Why do people always jump in to defend these types of actions? Are they uninformed? Ignorant? Trying to be funny? Just annoying? I really couldn’t tell ya.


It’s almost clockwork that when things like this happen, my social media accounts get really active and angry. It’s not like I’m sitting here trying to get attention, retweets, or likes. The thing is, I dealt with a lot of racism growing up in Orange County and it’s not anything that I want other to ever have to go through, especially in this day and age. Not gonna lie, it was very difficult being raised in a predominantly white area of Placentia and Yorba Linda. In grade school, I had friends of every race and ethnicity. We were kids and none of that mattered. It wasn’t until junior high that I was put through the torture of racist neighbors, both parents and their kids who were my schoolmates. When I lived on Tanforan Ave., there was a guy a few houses down named Mike Alfred. He was a couple of years older than me and much bigger as I was always one of the smaller kids in my class. He started off a pretty ok guy. Like we would ride bikes together and swap SEGA games. Then one day that all switched. He started calling me a “chink” and a “gook” every time I saw him. Then he’d try to start a fight with me that I’d try to avoid because I knew I’d get my ass kicked. Honestly, I didn’t even know what a “chink” or “gook” meant back then and had to ask my other friends to find out that they were racist terms. I guess his dad was in the army and that’s where he picked up all these racist slurs.

Mike also had this bitch ass friend named Ryan (I don’t remember his last name), who somehow was even bigger than him and equally racist. It sucked bad enough that I had to see these guys around school, but I had to walk past Mike’s house every day to get to and from the bus stop. Also, just to get to the pool or to other kids’ houses on the block. Even just to go to my uncle’s house to see my cousins. It was no-win situation for me every single time and multiple times a day. I would get nervous every time that these big white kids were going to jump out and call me a “chink” while beating the shit out of me. Taunt me by pulling their eyes back and saying “ching chong.” The few times I decided to stand up for myself, it was pretty much like watching a bad WWF handicap match where two guys beat the hell out of one dude. And for what reason? Because I’m Asian? Because I looked different? Because my parent said not to cause more problems?

My cousins had it even worse than me because they moved to the States later and English wasn’t their first language. “Chink” “Gook” “Nip” “Zipper Head” “Ching Chong” “Slant Eyes”.  Even “go back to China.” Bitch, please. I was born in Taiwan (if you even knew the difference) and actually lived in Africa longer than I did in Taiwan. We’ve heard them all, but yeah.  We’re the ones that shouldn’t be butt-hurt or get triggered when you have Bo Bice on TV crying about being called a “white boy.”

Fast forward to 2015 after a Clippers game at Staples Center. I remember the game because we lost to the Blazers in overtime because DeAndre Jordan didn’t put back a missed shot and Chris Paul was yelling at him to. After the game, there was this drunk white guy yelling about how the Clippers f*cking suck. I told him to chill out on the beer then he started yelling “ching chong” at me and pulling his eyes back. I thought I was trippen because I was in my late 30s and some fat idiot really did that to me. So me being me, I started running up on the dude telling him to say that sh*t to my face. Keep in mind, this guy was easily twice my size and he was backpedaling and pulling his eyes back yelling out “chink!” while nobody around said or did a damn thing about it. My dad didn’t even know what was going on because he kept walking to the car. But I wasn’t having it. This bitch kept hiding behind his friend (that apologized for the drunk dumbass) then when there was more space, he would start up again until I got close enough and he would shut up. Finally, he hid behind some weak ass security guard who actually told me to back off. What the actual F? You won’t do anything about some drunk idiot making derogatory gestures and yelling racist slurs at me, but you’ll protect him because you know I’m about to send him to the dentist?

Typical. Sh*t like this has happened hundreds of times throughout my life so nobody gets to tell me when I should “get over it” when there are celebrities and professional athletes emulating what immature children or drunk adults do just for a cheap laugh. And people have had it much worse than my measly bouts with racism. Way worse than I could even imagine.  You want to tell them it’s “no big deal” and they should “get over it?” Here are a few gems just to give you an idea of how Asians get d*cked around in the media like we’re some joke.

Spanish Men’s Olympic Basketball Team “Slant Eye” Picture spanishbasketballteam This actually happened during the China Olympics and nobody gave a damn. Not even entire country of China. A lot of these guys were NBA players at the time and some still are now, but did the league even address it? No. Why bother? They’re only making fun of the Chinese people who were hosting them for the Olympics and also a huge market for the NBA and all of their sponsors. The punk ass NBA did more about Year of the Monkey Lunar New Year shirts than they did about this. And that had nothing to do with anything except the animals on the Lunar Calendar.

Spanish Women’s Tennis Team “Slant Eye” Picture spanishtennisteamracist Not to be topped by the Men’s Basketball Team, the women decided to take a “slant eye” picture of their own. Because, you know, that’s funny stuff right?

ESPN “Chink in the Armor” Story chink You’ve got to be a complete dipsh*t or the worst editor in history to title your story “Chink in the Armor” when writing about Asian American Jeremy Lin. I think the guy was fired or he quit, but before he dipped out, he had to mention how he couldn’t be racist because his wife was Asian. Good one. Chalk that up with the “I can’t be racist because I have black friends” or “I can’t be racist because I watch Asian porn” excuses.

Sarah Silverman “Loves Chinks”

You can watch the clip yourself and tell me how you feel about Sarah Silverman talking about chinks and how she loves them. Made me sick, but people thought it was hilarious.

Jimmy Kimmel “Kill Everyone in China”

Yeah, it’s kid. I understand that. But this was in very poor taste. Can you imagine if they did this and said “kill everyone in Mexico” or any other foreign country? Oh, but everything is OK because it’s supposed to be a funny skit.

Look. I understand that I’m just one guy here and I’m not going to change the world be myself. But I think the louder we speak up, the more our voices will be heard. Do I think that I’m going to convince you that certain actions or sayings are actually racist? Most likely not. So don’t try to convince me that I’m being too sensitive or PC because you haven’t gone through what I’ve gone through. I don’t need to be nice like J Lin and Yu. I have no PR team that stops me from saying that Kenyon Martin and Gurriel should f*ck themselves in their own f*cking faces.

I get it. People have different levels of sensitivities to these type of things, a lot of simply based on things they have or haven’t experienced. I also know that everyone is guilty of making racially insensitive jokes in one way or another whether intentionally or not. It’s just the world we live in that’s built on stereotypes and hate. If you haven’t, then you’re either a saint, oblivious to the world, or a big fat liar. That’s why we as a whole should pay more attention to each other rather than take a hard stance that someone else shouldn’t be offended by something just because we aren’t. But people aren’t going to do that. We’re not even close to getting to that point. All the tweets and comments I read over the weekend already proved how far away we are from understanding each other.

People want to make it a political thing or a baseball thing like I wanted Gurriel to get suspended during the World Series so the Dodgers can win. I don’t care about the World Series or politics. It’s about not treating each other like sh*t and the league setting an example while the world watches on. Set an example to do the right thing. Sports are global after all. But nah, the MLB was weak just like the NBA was about the “slant eye” pictures. That’s how you get assholes like this who not only already think what they’re doing is right, but basically have the backing of the MLB saying that it’s wrong, but not “that” wrong.


Racist Halloween Costumes



For those who think that racism is funny and not that big of a deal, please tell me how you feel about costumes like these ones? I actually saw one last week where a guy dressed up like a slave and his girl dressed up like cotton for him to pick. Pretty disgusting and if you’re OK with that, then please don’t even acknowledge me as even an acquaintance if anyone ever asks.

Will I continue to make noise on my end? You bet your sweet ass I will. We have voices and what good are they if we aren’t speaking up? I’m not blasting people for attention, I’m doing it for awareness so that more people can see how messed up we are as humans. Not just for Asians. But for every person out there that has to look into the face of racism and wonder what they can do about it. Even if they won’t do the same for me. Why? Because I feel like it’s the right thing to do. Just like you think that trying to justify and pass off racist actions is the right thing to do.

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