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Back To The Basics

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I was kind of busy last week so I didn’t get to start writing this blog post, which more than likely means that this won’t go up on Monday. Damn. Only the third week in and I’m already lagging. But since this is the first of a series of workout routines, I wanted to get into more detail and even have some videos to go with it. The videos will definitely improve, though. Probably more than they even need to since it’s just a bunch of exercises at the gym. Anyhow, let’s get cracking.


The first thing to keep in mind is that I’m not a certified trainer nor do I even claim to be a personal trainer. I’m just a dude that likes to work out and eat a lot. If you are looking for personal training sessions, I know a couple that I can refer you to. I’ve stayed away from trainers just because the ones at the gyms are like ugly strippers. If you make eye contact, they’re leaching onto you like there’s no tomorrow for them (I should do a spoof video on this).

What To Bring

Providing that you had already picked your gym and signed up, it’s time to actually put that membership to good use. Here are some things you should prep for your first and every time you go to the gym:

– Towel (to wipe down your sweat and the puddles left by other people (nasty).

– Gloves (a lot of guys are against this, but my hands are already beat up from working on cars and falling a lot. Calluses don’t help.)

– Headphones (I don’t really listen to music while I work out, but I think 99{4b60d478b90bca18eeffbf8b1a93e65cc935dc2ffbf7c5beb7c0c95149b3d5c9} of the population does. I’m just weird.)

– Gym bag (just to put your stuff in. I carry a cinch backpack because it’s small. If you bring a full gym bag then you’ll need a lock for the lockers.)

That’s pretty much it. No need to go to the gym with a camping backpack since you’ll end up having to lug it around and some gyms don’t let you put your bags on the floor.


Whether it’s your 1st or 101st time at the gym, it can be intimating at times. Whether it’s some meatheads hogging up the free weights or some idiot super setting on four machines at a time, gym life can get annoying. The main thing to remember is to shake it off and remember what you went there to do. If anyone gives you flack or makes fun of what you’re lifting, it’s because they’re losers and have inhaled too much pre-workout. The important thing to keep in mind is that you dragged your ass to the gym for a reason, whatever that reason may be. That means you committed to something and shouldn’t let anyone deter you from that promise to yourself.

Let’s Go!

Enough of all that filler text. Here’s a quick video of some very simple workouts to get you started.

Workout: Flat Dumbbell Bench Press

Major Muscles Worked: Pectoral (chest), triceps (back of upper arms), deltoids (shoulders)

Warm Up Set: 12 reps at 80{4b60d478b90bca18eeffbf8b1a93e65cc935dc2ffbf7c5beb7c0c95149b3d5c9} max weight (1 set)

Power Set: 10 reps at 100{4b60d478b90bca18eeffbf8b1a93e65cc935dc2ffbf7c5beb7c0c95149b3d5c9} max weight (2 sets)

Burnout Set: 15 reps at 60{4b60d478b90bca18eeffbf8b1a93e65cc935dc2ffbf7c5beb7c0c95149b3d5c9} max weight (1 set)

Workout: Incline & Reverse Incline Dumbbell Curls

Major Muscles Worked: Biceps (top of upper arms)

Warm Up Set: 12 reps at 80{4b60d478b90bca18eeffbf8b1a93e65cc935dc2ffbf7c5beb7c0c95149b3d5c9} max weight each exercise. Alternate regular & reverse incline while doing back-to-back totaling 24 reps.

Power Set: 10 reps at 100{4b60d478b90bca18eeffbf8b1a93e65cc935dc2ffbf7c5beb7c0c95149b3d5c9} max weight each exercise (2 sets). Alternate regular & reverse incline while doing back-to-back totaling 20 reps each set.

Burnout Set: 15 reps at 60{4b60d478b90bca18eeffbf8b1a93e65cc935dc2ffbf7c5beb7c0c95149b3d5c9} max weight each exercise. Alternate regular & reverse incline while doing back-to-back totaling 30 reps

Things To Remember

– Stretch. This is really important even though I don’t do it enough. Whatever muscles you plan on working that day, do a couple of quick stretches before you start and after you finish. If it’s your first time or you’re going up in weight or reps, you’ll be sore. It helps just to do random stretches throughout the day as well.

– Keep your body straight during most workouts. Any twisting, jerking, or swaying can lead to you tweaking something and nobody wants that. I see guys lifting next to the mirror then turning their heads to check themselves out, which will result in messing up their necks or worse.

– Start off light so you get your form down right first. You want something that’s light, but not too light where it doesn’t do anything at all. And there’s no point in lifting heavy just to look cool if you’re not even really getting a good workout from it.

– Just breathe. It’s easy to forget, and I do, to breathe correctly during your workouts. Inhale on the pre-load, exhale on the exercise (push, pull, press, etc.), then inhale again on return. People hold their breaths while lifting for whatever reason, but if you do that too much, you’ll end up passing out.

– Re-rack and wipe down. This is more of a courtesy thing so that people don’t have to chase down dumbbells or lie down in a puddle of your sweat.

Well, damn. I actually started and finished this on Monday. Good thing they were simple workouts. Next time I’ll get into some variations for you to try and continue on with working out different muscles and parts of your body.

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