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Welcome To RikDaddy Fitness

Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally not some kind of health nut. If you see all the fried chicken and tacos I eat, calorie counting definitely isn’t my thing. I love to eat, but I also don’t want to weigh 400 lbs because of my lack of a proper diet. It’s not a good look for someone who is nearing 40 and standing at barely 5′ 7″. I’ll look more like an overstuffed dumpling and need to go back to wearing size XL and consider swimming with a t-shirt on. I actually started working out close to 10 years ago without any professional training (for obvious reasons that I’ll get into with another blog post). One of my yappy aunts is the reason I actually took fitness more seriously.


Back when I worked at Super Street magazine, we would have to park at the Peterson Automotive Museum and either take a shuttle to our office or walk. The shuttle only ran a few times an hour so if you missed it, you didn’t have a choice. It wasn’t that bad of a walk, but along the way there was a McDonald’s and breakfast sandwiches were 2 for $2. Doesn’t sound too bad, but months and years of 2 for $2 breakfast sandwiches add up quickly. Tack that on with sitting in the office most of the day cranking out stories and Rocco’s pizza for lunch and shoot, you become a really tubby individual. Seeing yourself every day, you don’t realize how big you’ve become.

It had to be during the summer because my parents had a BBQ at their house so I was grubbing and minding my own business. My aunt walked by so I said hi to her and she gave me this weird look like she didn’t know who I was. Then when she realized it was me, she said “oh. I didn’t know it was you, Ricky. You got so fat that I didn’t recognize you.” Then walked away. Gee thanks. While that statement stung for a bit, it opened up my eyes that I had to get into better shape (and not the shape of round, which apparently I already was). I signed up for a gym membership at Bally’s, which was more confusing than trying to calculate adjustable rate mortgages. Back then, Bally’s was pretty legit (it really wasn’t) so going a few days during the week wasn’t too bad. The hardest part for me, like most gym newbies, was the intimidation factor. Trying to go to the free weight section is tough when there are a bunch of yoked out dude grunting, hogging weights, and dropping dumbbells. Over time, you manage by learning how to claim weights and nudge your way onto the machines.

Once you start getting into a routine, then the gym becomes something that you look forward to. I wasn’t even trying to get big, cut, or ripped. It was just a better feeling to get an hour workout in than it was to sit at home stuffing my face with chips and watching TV. Actually, I was able to do both and start becoming more recognizable to my aunt again. I started by going to the gym with friends, but was able to go by myself and figured out that sometimes that’s better so I can get in and out faster. Result was more time to eat afterwards.

It’s not a perfect system, though. Sometimes I feel like I’m bulking up too much and other times I feel like I lost too much mass. Then there are days where I feel like a complete slob like when I just spent 5 days in Las Vegas pigging out then followed it up by flying to Hawaii and eating even more. I think I probably have some mild form of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) that gets me feeling like this. Especially on those days that my clothes fit weird. Either too loose or too tight. It feels like a no-win situation.

I switched from Bally’s to LA Fitness because the facilities were a bit nicer and that became another headache that I’ll post about later (probably). Finally settled with 24 Hour Fitness for a few years and doubled up with Planet Fitness recently because they’re less packed and you can bring a guest in any time without any additional fees or pointless tours of the gym.

To me, working out doesn’t just mean going to the gym. I’ll go hiking with my friends, bike riding, rock climbing, play basketball, do yoga, or anything that keeps me active and moving. Even a few walks around the block help get my blood flowing. I’d like to include wine tasting in there, but that probably doesn’t work though we’ve been known to drunk hike and drunk hoop in the past. My friend run and I try that every once in a while. That’s definitely not my thing, though I’ll jump in every once in a while and pray that I keep up.

A couple of months back, I decided that I should do some type of fitness blog. Posts will be about gym life, injuries, doctor visits, workout routines, and then some just random thoughts and rants. If all goes well, we’ll tie this in with our ChubbyAsianGirls food blog I’m doing with Lisa Woo so you can find cool places to eat then go burn off the calories after. We’ll see if I actually keep this up because I tend to talk myself out of posting because I write too much and nobody will read it anyway.

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49 Responses to “Welcome To RikDaddy Fitness”

  1. Karim W says:

    Thanks for starting the blog. I really need to start working out.

  2. Rodrez says:

    Good start!

  3. You actually revealed that really well!

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