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Gone But Never Forgotten


The last two Januarys have been extremely tough for me and my heart hasn’t stopped hurting in this 12 month timespan. As the anniversary of my big bro Scott Bui’s passing is just around the corner, I lose another close friend Jenn Lee to a senseless act that I cannot comprehend. At age 38, I am learning that this type of thing never gets easier. The pain and hurt will never go away for any of us. We just learn to cope with it slowly. Day-by-day. Week-by-week. Month-by-month. Year-by-year.


While I look through the pictures of Scott and Jenn, I can only remember happy moments together. Their personalities were very similar and strong. Both brought nothing but contagious joy and happiness to people around them. Both supportive in every way. Even new people or just strangers that they just met. They could get along with just about anyone and make them feel at ease. Like they were already part of the family for years. Positivity radiated from their bodies and their smiles could light up an entire city. They were the true definition of living life to the fullest.



I am fighting for answers as to why some higher power would take these wonderful people from their loved ones so soon. Stealing happiness away from so many people who need it. The world will never be the same without them. Karaoke nights won’t be as bumping. Clippers games and gatherings won’t have the same magic. Life will just be different for all of us. If there is a plan, then I’d really like to hear what it is because nothing makes sense to me.


Regardless of how I want to feel, I still have to accept the fact that they are gone. But that doesn’t mean they will ever be forgotten. I cherish every moment that I spent with them and am thankful for all of the wonderful people I’ve met because of them. I have been blessed with their friendships and they will forever be in my heart.


During times like this, I have to sit back and remind myself of the life lessons I learned from Scott and Jenn. Never to take life for granted. Treat every moment as if it were your last. Keep your loved ones close and hug them tight. Embrace those that you care about. Enforce positivity and shed negativity. Stop wasting time and energy on things that don’t matter. Appreciate what you have and those who appreciate you back. Dance like nobody is watching or like everyone is watching and you just don’t give a damn (Jenn). Nothing is more important than family. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Jealousy is a waste of energy. Treat others kindly and ditch those who do you wrong. Go through life with a clear mind. On my darkest days, I know that I have two angels with giant smiles lighting my way. I’ll do my best to keep your memories alive with smiles instead of tears, but some days are going to be tougher than others so I might have front for the sake of everyone around me so they can find strength.


To everyone close to Scott and Jenn, my prayers go out to all of you. Januarys are going to be tough for all of us for the next few decades, but we will get through this together. We will support each other. We will be there for each other. We will lean on each other. We will wipe each other’s tears away. We will pick each other up at our lowest moments. Because we are family and that’s what we do. There are a million ways to get a hold of me any time that you need anything so don’t ever hesitate when that time comes.


Scott & Jenn, we have so much to catch up on when we are together again. But knowing us, we’ll just do our usual thing. Basketball, karaoke, hot pot, steak, fried chicken, whiskey, boba, Nikes, and Korean BBQ. Nothing but the best, right SB?


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Until we meet again. Love always, your little bro and your Rik Rozay.

But first, let’s take a selfie for Jenn.


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