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Oh My Leezy


I don’t even know where to begin with this one because life seems really messed up to me right now. In the blink of an eye, our friend Jennifer Lee (Jenn LA) was stolen from us. Everything seems so unreal because just a few weeks ago we were talking about her wedding and now we are planning her funeral. Like I said, it’s just messed up. I was in China in the middle of a meeting and people know that when I’m in meetings, I don’t check my phone. But there happened to be a small break so I looked at my phone and there were a bunch of messages. A couple were from Ernie Alderete and couple from my sister followed by missed FaceTime calls. We actually got into an argument earlier and I thought she wanted to talk about that. I quickly glanced at Ernie’s text, but Jean’s messages read “Call me ASAP!” and “Call me!!” so I called her back. Her face was swollen with tears running down it. I could barely hear what she was saying because the internet was choppy. I thought something had happened to my pups or niece, but then I heard her say Ernie and Jenn. Jenn. Aunt. Shot her. She’s gone. I tried to put the pieces together even though the words weren’t processing in my mind. Jenn got shot and she’s gone? She’s not gone. She can’t be. Not my Leezy.


Our meeting started again so I had to hang up, but then I texted Meg in Vegas and Jaime in Taiwan to see if they had heard anything. I just told them I heard something bad might have happened because I didn’t want them to freak out if the info was wrong. I don’t like overreacting or causing a panic when I don’t have all the information and in this case, I was praying that it was just a case of miscommunication or mistaken identity. I even texted Jenn to see if she would answer me. Neither Meg or Jaime had any info, so I called Tash. She was crying and told me that Jenn’s aunt had shot her 5 times and that Jenn didn’t make it to surgery. She was really gone. I felt so weak at that moment, but gathered myself to call Meg and Jaime the horrible news. There’s no better or worse way to do it, but I thought a phone call would be more sincere. I went back into the meeting followed by more meetings, fighting back my tears the entire day. When I finally got back to my room, I just sat in bed looking through pics of Jenn with me and all of our friends, crying until I fell asleep. I’d wake up in the middle of the night and read this article about what happened and stare at this evil woman’s face (http://www.ocregister.com/articles/devereux-740856-family-arrested.html) wondering how something like this could happen. Pretty much the same routine for the rest of my trip. I couldn’t accept it. I didn’t want to accept it. I was so alone in China, but in a way it gave me space. As if me being across the world would shield me from reality. It obviously wouldn’t, but in my mind, it helped me get past the last few days.




But enough of the sad stuff because Jenn was never about that. She’d say “Nah uh. No way, Rozay.” I want to think about the happy times with Jenn, because that was almost always. In the few years that I’ve known her, she’s always been the happiest soul at any event. (Minus the Man of Steel viewing. She really hated that movie because it dragged on for hours. lol). I’m still trying to remember if I met her first at a Clippers game with Natasha White or at the Clippers Feed the Community event also with Tash. I’m pretty sure it was at a Clippers game because she would always tweet me using her handle @39thFloor talking about the Clips and how much she was a fan of point guards. Self-proclaimed “bandwagon fan” because she didn’t start following the team until we traded for Chris Paul. It had to be at a game because she didn’t have season tickets yet but she met up with me at halftime for drinks. Then at the Feed the Community event, we were at the table and she goes “Hey! I follow you on Twitter.” After that, the bond was formed between Jenn, me, and the Clipper Fam.



Jenn and Tash had their season tickets and would start to come out to all of the side events that we put together like Christmas parties, brunches, hikes, karaoke nights, and BBQs. The thing with Jenn was that she could have fun everywhere and really could get along with anyone. She had a way of making people feel at ease even though she still came with some attitude. Much like Scott Bui, her smile was contagious and neither of them cared what your background, income, race, or appearance was. As long as you were a good person, you were cool in their book. I wish I could say the same about myself, but I’m a bit stick up. Jenn would always bring new friends to our viewing parties or to games and even though they weren’t big Clippers fans or anything, she was able to make them feel comfortable around our rowdy bunch. That’s not an easy thing to do. She was even able to introduce me to Jaime in Taiwan and Meg in Las Vegas without even being there with us.



More than a happy soul, Jenn was a care free soul. There are countless times that I would catch her dancing by herself during Clippers pre-games (one time all dressed up dancing in the pool at Tash’s house party). I’d jokingly text her “Calm it down over there, Leezy!” and she would start looking around the arena to try and find me. I was trying to figure out if Jenn actually “danced like nobody was watching” or “danced like everyone was watching, but just didn’t give a damn.” Probably a little bit of both, but more of not giving a damn because she’d always come out rocking the craziest tights and baseball caps. Stylin’ all the way as usual.




Over the years, I saw so many transitions and changes of Jenn, but her realness always stayed constant. You knew what you could expect when you were hanging out with Jenn. Forever fun, usually late, and sometimes flakey. I figured that during those flakey times, she was going through some relationship stuff. I don’t know because I don’t really ask a lot of nosy questions. So those flakey times are when I would tell her that she’s more like Jenn MIA than she was Jenn LA and she’d respond with “you’re so silly, Rozay”. But even though she was out and about, I knew that if I really needed her for something, she’d have my back. Anyone that’s ever called on Jenn for help can attest to that fact. She’d drive all over Southern California in her Prius just to get to where you were. Even if all you needed was someone to grab a drink with or a shoulder to lean your head on. Krish Kumar told me that the reason he recovered from his neck surgery so quickly is because Jenn would go over after work and walk around the block with him. Seriously. Who else would do that? Only Jenn.



I want to try to keep talking about happy. Jenn was a happy person by nature, as if happiness were embedded in her DNA, and that trickled down to anyone that was around her. Genuine happiness. Being around her friends and family would add to her happiness, but I think after she met Sean Smith, she found someone that could take that happiness to the next level. I’ve only met Sean a couple of times before, but we have a lot of mutual friends from the automotive industry and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the dude (not sure the same could be said about me. lol). This is the part that’s really fucked up for me. Obviously we don’t know how everyone’s future will pan out. We can’t predict the good and bad things that happen. The outcome is out of our control. I mean, we can question this forever and never have an answer, but that doesn’t stop us from asking. Why would a higher power (whichever faith you believe in) rip away happiness from two people that have finally found it in each other? Jenn’s fairy tale ending. Their happily ever after. Who could do such a thing? Only the evil witch. The devil woman with a black heart and no soul. Sorry. I know I wanted to keep this happy, but just thinking about what happened makes me so mad. Like beyond mad. Fucking pissed off. OK. OK. Shhhhh.



It’s times like this where I need to think about positive things and good times. Like when we would go karaoke and Jenn would be all over the remote control plugging in songs because “time is money.” Or during Tim “KJ Neptune” Olivas’ and Total Request Live Karaoke Band karaoke nights when she would be on stage singing everything from rap to slow jams. Jenn was quite talented, in case you weren’t aware. I think the worst songs we ever tried to sing were 1) Twisted – Keith Sweat and 2) Jay Z – Can I Get A. Like seriously, the worst. Then the times when we were at the gym and she’d be doing crunches on the floor between sets because she got a new dress that she wanted to fit into. There was this one day when we were all at Dexter Chu’s and she got tired from hiking so she napped in the kids’ bed. Later on that night she just ended up babysitting the kids, wearing their slippers and all.


Oh and when Jenn, Nicole Usher, Majelane, Bautista, and I went to Knott’s Berry Farm in the rain. Nicole convinced Jenn to get onto the roller coasters even though she was scared of them. Then she was upset because the wind messed up her hair. A couple Halloweens ago, she wanted to go to Majelane’s party with me but it was up in the valley. Her plan was to get her nails done in LA then drive to Lakewood to pick me up and drive back up to the valley for the party. I thought that was way too much driving for her, but she was down for it. After the party, she wanted to get tacos at some spot but couldn’t remember the name or address so she drove 20 minutes in the wrong direction and turned around to go to the right place. I can’t forget the selfies. So many selfies. We called her the Selfie Queen because no matter where she was, she managed to snap a few good selfies. Usually more than a few. Sigh. The good memories are never-ending and there isn’t one moment I can think of when Jenn wasn’t smiling even when things weren’t going according to plan. That’s just the type of person Jenn was.



I miss you, Leezy and I will never be ready to say goodbye, but I know it’s not my call. Sorry I wasn’t there to save you from the devil woman. You know I would’ve gladly taken 5 bullets for you. I keep reminding myself that you’re in a better place because that’s what everyone keeps telling me, but it’s still hard to accept. All I can say is that karaoke nights must be bumping up in heaven with you and SB there. Come visit me any time. That ghost and spirit stuff doesn’t scare me. Jaime and I watch scary movies on the daily. When you have a chance, go haunt the devil woman in her prison cell. Let her know what the F is up.


I guess it’s time to send you off to heaven, but before all that, we had to take a Selfie For Jenn!



Until we meet again, Leezy. Stay as fabulous as you always were and always will be.


In Loving Memory of  Jennifer “Jenn LA” Lee aka J Leezy

06.13.1976 – 01.10.2017

#JLeezy #JennLA #SelfieForJenn #39thFloor

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44 Responses to “Oh My Leezy”

  1. Char Ransom says:

    Thank you for sharing Ricky. I never met you but Jenn talked about you lots!! She will.be forever misses tho she still.lives in all of our hearts♡♡

  2. Thank you. Plenty of content!

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