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The Legacy of Scott Bui aka #TheGun


At the time I started writing this entry it will be close to 36 hours since my dear friend, Scott Bui, was stolen from us. All of my thoughts are scattered right now and I’m an emotional wreck so this blog post will be forever incomplete and a jumbled mess because I will continue adding to it as wonderful memories of Scott pop into my head. I’ll never be finished with this entry and over time, it might become the length of a Harry Potter book. Since Sunday morning my heart hasn’t stopped hurting and I haven’t been able to stop the tears from running down my face. Does this type of pain ever go away? When does this supposed healing process begin?


While I keep replaying the moments of Sunday morning, I feel that it’s more important to share great moments that I had with Scott. I’d like to pick one or two, but that’s impossible because it was pretty much all of them (I’ll try more hardest to make them present tense because I believe that he’s still here with us). Even a simple thing like going out to eat is an adventure with Scott. He always brings us to the best place for whatever style food we are eating just because he wants to see everyone enjoy it. Or the times when he makes one of his famous Vietnamese noodle dishes at home. He buys all of the ingredients and posts pictures online then tells everyone that they’re welcome to come over to eat. Why? Because that’s Scott.


I’ve only known Scott for a few years, much shorter than a lot of people and maybe a little longer than others, but he’s become like a blood brother in such a short amount of time. I’m often asked how we met and the story is pretty much explains the type of person Scott is. We are both Clippers season ticket holders, but had not met in person before. I’d just see him post in all of the Clippers groups on FaceBook. There was on viewing party at Big Wang’s in LA and they had a raffle for prizes. The day after, Scott posted on one of the FB pages that he won a Blake Griffin figurine and I commented that I didn’t win anything because I rarely win at raffles. His first response was “you can have mine!” I mean, we didn’t even know each other and he was ready to give me his BG figurine. Of course, I didn’t take it but after that we started talking and it turned out that him and his wife, Wei (Adriane), had court side seats right in front of us in section 119. We started talking more and watching away games together. Then he invited me to play on his league basketball team, Team Gyssien. The rest is pretty much history and I feel like we got along so well because he was always so generous with everything and I’d never want or ask anything. That’s how he is and this is how I am. So basically, it was the perfect match. Nothing between us ever involved business or money. We never kept tallies on who did what for who or why. We never argued or disagreed. We were never jealous of each other and were happy when good things happened to the other. It was just friendship and brotherly love in its purist form.


As I scroll through my FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds my heart feels happy and sad at the same time. Happy because everyone is posting about Scott and keeping his legacy alive. But sad because we’re not able to see his smiling face in person anymore. When I read all of these stories, there is common theme in them – Scott did something great for someone. It didn’t matter if you knew him for 20 minutes, 20 years, or somewhere in between. Whether it was giving them his tickets to a Clippers game, letting them borrow a phone charger, bringing their kids to a game, allowing them to sleep at his house, or another one of the million wonderful things that he did for people. Ask anyone that was blessed enough to meet Scott even just one time. They’ll share something very similar and whenever they tell me, I just say “that’s Scott”. And that was only 1/100000th of the great things he did for people every single day of his life. He didn’t care if you were poor or rich. Famous or not. The only thing that matters to him is that you are a good person. If so, he makes you feel special. And that isn’t hard for Scott because he’s able to see the good in everybody. Bottom line is that he treats you with respect and as an equal.


There are few people in this world that do things for others based solely out of the kindness of their hearts. Scott is one of those people. Never asking or wanting anything in return. Not ever putting a “favor” in his mental savings account so he could cash out on it later on down the line. He just wants to make sure that everyone around him was happy. That makes him happy so he surrounds himself with good people. Selfless doesn’t even come close to describing him. What’s even more, is that he did it all with a smile. A huge smile that I will forever remember and see when I look up at the sky.


The other day, my sis said that Scott would give you the shirt off of his back. Somewhat true, but not 100{4b60d478b90bca18eeffbf8b1a93e65cc935dc2ffbf7c5beb7c0c95149b3d5c9} accurate. Scott will actually buy you a new shirt and it would be the latest release from Nike or Jordan Brand. His enthusiasm when giving gifts was heartwarming. Like he was more excited for you to open your gift than you could ever imagine. During Christmas, he kept telling me how excited he was that he ordered Chubby Asian Basketball backpacks for the team and he couldn’t wait to give it to all of our teammates. He was like “I got everyone backpacks and they’re on the way here ready for Christmas. But I got us ours first!” Then as usual, Santa Scott came to our brunch with his huge smile handing out the backpacks and stocking stuffers. For Brian Dinh’s birthday, Scott bought him a pair of Jordan XX9s too and he was like “make sure you gift wrap them for me and take a pic when Brian opens it!” He just wanted to see the expression on Brian’s face when he saw his gift. One day he texted me that he was going to LA to pick up some shoes that he needed to have and I’m like, dude you’re crazy (Scott, Kevin Liao, and Romeo Roque are way bigger sneaker heads than I am). Then he posted a pic on FaceBook that he found a pair of Jordan XX9 on eBay in my size and paid the dude for shipping, but picked them up in Culver City so that he could give them to me in time for our next game. He told me that he didn’t want me wearing some 2012 Hyperdunks because it was already 2015 and I needed to match our new baby blue jerseys. Why? Because that’s Scott. The only two real pairs of Jordans are from Scott and I tried to give him money for them but he refused (I’m weird about accepting gifts, especially expensive ones. I consider any gift to me over $20 as expensive). Then when I’d turn around and give him a small gift, he’d look at it like it was the most amazing thing in the world. Even though he could probably buy the same thing for himself 1,000 times over. It made me feel good to give him gifts in return so he could be on the receiving end every once in a while. In fact, the night before he passed away, he was at the Clippers game wearing the custom hoodie I got him for Christmas that said The Gun 32 on the back. When I gave him an extra pair of Cliff Paul socks, he said “this is the best gift ever!” and those were free for me. Why? That’s Scott. Always a giver.


This whole thing hits home so much harder for me because of how close my family is with Scott and the Buis. My parents and sis love them. My dad is a tech geek like Scott so they always talk about new gadgets when we were at a Clippers game or at Scott’s for a BBQ. When we met up in Taiwan, my dad and I took Scott, Wei, Romeo, and Jennie to lunch and then on a hunt for these Japanese dessert egg rolls. Scott was so excited when we found the store inside SOGO Mall. I think he scared the employees because they’re used to the timid Taiwanese customers that just buy stuff and leave.


Man, just last week, Scott and Wei had my parents over to their house for hot pot. This is how amazing they are. When everything happened on that horrible Sunday morning, my phone wouldn’t stop getting message notifications that I couldn’t bring myself to answer. First, because I wanted to respect the Bui family’s privacy. But also, I just didn’t want it to be real. I looked at my big bro lying there and kept praying and begging him to come back to us. I hugged him and told him that I loved him. When I finally gathered up the energy to reply, I only answered my sis and my parents who were in Taiwan at the time. They were all heartbroken and told me to tell them that it wasn’t true. I wish it wasn’t. I’ve wished every minute since Sunday that it wasn’t. Why isn’t there a reset button? Aren’t we all entitled to just one? I’d  use it for that morning so I would oversleep and not make it to the game so we’d have to forfeit. Or insist that Scott stayed home because he was tired. Maybe then, I would have my big bro back.


I keep looking at my phone waiting for a text message to pop up from him talking about something crazy like renting out Staples Center again so we can play basketball on the Clippers court again. Or that we should fly to Oakland and play on the Warriors court then key it all up. Usually at 6am because we’d joke about how we’re the only two people awake at that time to answer each other’s messages. I miss those texts and I miss Scott dearly. I was just telling Jamie Lee yesterday that there were only two things that he always pushes for. 1) A Clippers championship and 2) me to find a great girl to marry. He gets so giddy when he texts me that he found a girl that might be “the one” for me. He’s always like “I think I found a girl for you. She’s smart, pretty, nice and I think you can stand her! lol!” I think he read my original message wrong because I said I needed to find a girl who could stand me. But I know he wants the best for me. He’s determined to match me up so I could be as happily married as him and Wei are. Unfortunately, I’ve let him down up to this point and broke his streak on couple intros that ended up together.


If you know Scott, he never does anything to benefit himself or try to make money off of friends. He just wants everyone to enjoy their lives the way he did. It was never like “Ricky! Let’s rent out this gym and charge everyone to play.” It went more like “Ricky! Let’s rent out the gym on Thanksgiving and Christmas so that everyone can hang out and burn off some calories from eating so much. We’ll make it an annual thing so we can get people to RSVP early next year and we can split up teams. Let’s split the rental cost so they don’t have to worry about paying.” Why? That’s Scott.


It’s no secret that Scott’s biggest passion is basketball. Whether it’s coaching, playing, watching or even just talking about it. He always told me that I was on the team even though I’m really not even that good. When we got bumped up to Division 1 with guys like Marcus and Aaron Harvey beasting, that was way above my skill level. He didn’t care and still wanted me on the team. Scott called me “The Heart” because I would do all the small things to get us wins like forcing a jump ball, taking a charge, or diving for a loose ball. The worst thing is that his heart is what gave out that Sunday morning and mine has a giant piece missing from it now with him gone. He just bought me a mouth guard for Christmas because he doesn’t want me to lose any of my teeth when I got hit by the big dudes. I just wish I could’ve gotten him something to protect him so he’d be here with us today. Then I wouldn’t have to write this blog for another 50 years when my fingers can barely type anymore and my sloppy handwriting will finally catch up to my age. Why is it that I’m able to save random people who are stuck on the street, but not able to save one of my closest friends? Why were my prayers not answered? Nothing makes sense. It doesn’t make any damn sense.


I know that Scott doesn’t want us to mourn his passing, but to keep his legacy going. All the good that he’s done. All the lives that he’s touched. I talked to our boys and we all agreed that while basketball is not the first thing on our minds, moving forward, all of our teams are Scott’s teams. We already changed the team name to Bui Yah and Kevin ordered new jerseys with SB32 on the back. Anything and everything to keep Scott smiling from above when we win championship after championship in his honor. Bui Yah Basketball forever.



I’m not just lucky to have known Scott. I’m honored and blessed to have such a great person in my life even if it was just for a few years. I know everyone would agree and nobody is ready to say goodbye yet. I realize that I’m not the only person that has had to deal with a death of someone close to them. Maybe I’ve been fortunate (?) or lucky (?) to have gone this long without having a friend pass away. I just don’t understand why my first one had to be someone that is so close to me. It’s like someone who never drinks alcohol taking 15 shots of 151 for their first drinking experience. It hits so hard. The pain is so intense. The sadness is at exponential levels. And while I appreciate all of the messages asking if I’m OK, because I understand that people mean well. I wish I could give a better answer than “no”. Honestly, I’m not anywhere near being OK. None of us are. It’ll be a long time before the pain level drops even 1{4b60d478b90bca18eeffbf8b1a93e65cc935dc2ffbf7c5beb7c0c95149b3d5c9}. But we just have to be there for each other and take it day-by-day because that reset button I want just isn’t there. A while back I decided that I wanted to leave the world a better place than it was when I got there. I thought I was doing a good job, but nowhere near Scott’s level. Like when I die, people will probably post about how the first time they met me I was stuck up lol. He unknowingly pushed me to be a better person. I’ve had so many people tell me how Scott was one of their only friends or the first person who was nice to them when they moved to area. Doesn’t surprise me at all. Why? That’s Scott.


As I said in the beginning of this entry, I’ll continue to add to it as time goes on. Right now, this is all that my heart can handle typing. I love and miss you so much, Scott. I can feel you smiling down on us from hoop heaven and I’m hoping that I’ll find a reason to smile again pretty soon. I know it’s what you would want and I promise that I’ll get there. Just not these past few days and probably not for many more, but I’ll get there. The world didn’t just lose a good person, it lost a great human being. For now, my only explanation is that the world didn’t deserve Scott.


Scott to me was just a good guy that I liked very much and I wish I would met him in person sooner. This is just from the heart.” – Li Jie

“Scott was the first person that made me feel welcome when I moved down to LA.” – Romeo Roque

I must have gotten a text from him 1hr b4 this happened. I dont have many friends Ricky but he was 1 of them.” – Bac Nguyen

“Coach Scott is the only friend I ever had since I moved here 12 years ago.” – Julius Adlao

I only met you a few years ago, but I’m glad that I did. I have always looked up to you in regards to your passion towards life, your friends, your hobbies, and most importantly, your family.” – Brian Ngoy

I personally got to know him a little bit last season and I came away with a great sense of a man with high character, who was both caring and considerate.” – Mark Pagdilao

The world lost a great man yesterday. Scott Bui was one of the most coolest and genuine human beings I’ve ever been around.” – Drew Ruiz

I knew him, but I don’t think Scott would say we were friends. We were classmates, but he did have an effect on my life, which I don’t think he ever knew about.” – Aaron Valdez

I only met him once, but he’d always send me DMs about Koston and to keep up the good work.” – Ernie Alderete

Although we have been many miles apart, we both feel we have lost a good friend and the world has lost a real human being.” – Pete McGovern

You were truly one of the most giving, selfless, kindhearted loving people I’ve ever met. It’s been an honor to have been a part of your family and to hoop with you as teammates.” – Steven Ng

His generosity, leadership, and values will be life lessons that I will always try to emulate.” – Mitch Matsuno

You never failed to bring a smile to those around you and made such an impact on the lives of everyone you came across.” – Jennie Roque

More than a fan for life. And we are his fans forever.” – MeeRhan Kim

Uncle Scott had something very few others have, and that is his constant ambition to find new things in the world.” – Adam Ng

I love and miss you dearly! Life will never be the same without you.” – Rebecca Do

He always saw the good in people and was always there to help anyone who needed help.” – Janie Tee

Longtime Clippers fan and season ticket holder, Scott Bui, was taken from us far too early and he will be dearly missed by everyone in our organization.” – Clippers MVPs

The definition of a family man, kind and generous, Scott Bui treated Hai Brian Dinh like a brother.” – Majelane Bautista

Simple things that we did together that’s what I will miss most. Kind, loving, spontaneous and passionate.” – Lauren Park

His passion for everything he did was something I have never seen before. Its not fair how the best people in life leave us so early.” – Anthony Ruano

Scott always made you feel like you were his number priority he really loved with his heart. He was genuine and taught without judging.” – Geno Lee

Throughout high school and college, I would think if I could be like someone else, I’d be him.” – Eric Leung

He was not born with a special gift of love, he loved because he enjoyed making people better.” – Josh Mcintire

“You were always so kind to me each time we met, and for a guy who hasn’t made a lot of friends since moving here, that means a lot to me.” – Brando Tomyoy

I’ll always remember the last time we saw each other and he offered some very sincere words and encouragement.” – Brian Macrae

We are heartbroken and in disbelief. The world has lost an amazing human being.” – Caroline Beedon

So sorry for the sudden loss of a great family man, best friend to many, and truly one of the most kindest, giving, passionate, person I have met.” – Vickie Chu

“We just miss you, Scott.” – Paul Chu

This can’t be real big bro! I miss you.” – Harris Javier

Beautiful human being this man was and I only met him once. You could tell he was all about giving back and making those around him happy.” – Chris Reavesme

The world lost a beautiful soul and I lost a brother. Your spirit will live on forever.” – Ken Li

His passion for life was apparent in all that he did! The world is just that much darker without his shine!” – Sam Lee

When I describe you to other people, you are someone who would truly give the shirt off your back for someone.” – TJ Nguyen

We lost a dear friend and family member today… Joyce and I are blessed to know Scott Bui.” – Air Butchie

Even though I barely got a chance to know you that well, I know that you are 1 HELL OF A father, friend, and your love for basketball was unbelievable.” – Anthony Bright

“You treated me like a brother, and I was never more proud to be a Clipper head after meeting you and Ricky Chu.” – Rob Dae Kim

“He treated my family and I like we were part of his own family and I can only say that I am so fortunate to have met him before I left for college.” – Jess Huang

We all miss you here dearly Scott.” – James Wei

I remember that day on a plane several years ago, just before Christmas, when you graciously offered your portable phone charger to a stranger in a Clippers T-shirt.” – Gale Hammons

Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for being such a wonderful person.” – Jason Dienhart

I will never forget the day that we met outside of Starbucks and forever changed my life.”  – Kevin Liao

My heart hurts for the many entering the road of sadness that lies ahead.” – Jessica Mansfield

The man who made me become the player I am today, all the guidance and support throughout the years playing the game of basketball.” – Elvin Chang

Scott Bui truly welcomed those he just met with open arms and is one of the nicest and generous guys I’ve met. He had a heart of gold and could shoot the lights out.” – Andrew Chou

“I hope everyone will learn from him. What an amazing example he was as a friend, husband, and father.” – Jamie Lee

You are a great role model, father and friend. Aaron and I will continue to strive to be more like you and one day bless someone else the way you blessed everyone that ever met you.”  – Marcus Harvey

I did not know him for a long time but in the short time I did know him and his beautiful family I felt welcomed and inspired!” – Amy Torres

I will always cherish every moment I was able to share with you. Glad I was able to give you a hug one last time at the game.” – Mark Genato

Thank you Scott, for being a great coach and friend, for shaping my character into who I am today, for being the Scott Bui we know and love.” – Edmund Chen

God Received Another Angel.” – Lori Lujan

RIP brother Scott Bui ‪#‎loveya‬.” – Jeff Tsao

I’m speechless you’re so beautiful and a amazing person I pray that God continues to protect your family.” – Spencer Prescod

Thank you scott for being one of the most genuine person i have met in my life.” – Sang Nam

So truly thankful we got to meet Scott from going to Clippers games. Scott has always been so nice to me & my family.” – Jean Chu

I have no words to express my deepest gratitude for your friendship because you and Ricky Chu I played on an NBA court and made my son’s dream come true.” – Rene Moran

“Scott pushes me to be a better father to my daughters.” – Dexter Chu

I hadn’t known you or your wife for very long… but you were one of the nicest, kindest, generous, thoughtful people I’ve met.” – Chrissy Tsao

Thanks brother… for always treating us like family and living life to the fullest.” – Tony Ek

You had such a giving heart and touched so many, including myself. Your SMILE was contagious.” – Nicole Usher

I Just want you to know that you are the most generous and loving guy I have ever known.” – Zena Adal

“As much pain as we feel losing you today, it’s nothing compared to the happiness I have knowing that I had the honor of being your friend and sharing a part of life that you loved – hoops.” – Peter Kim

Life will never be the same when our loved ones leave us. Thank you for introducing me to this super human being.” – Sheila McClinton

“RIP Scott. Great team win. #ClipperNation.” – Jamal Crawford



I feel so free…. life is crystal clear. Value the people that love you the most and release those who don’t.” – Scott Bui


In Loving Memory of Scott Bui aka #TheGun

10.02.1973 – 01.17.2016

#SB32 #BuiYah #WinItForScott

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11 Responses to “The Legacy of Scott Bui aka #TheGun”

  1. andrew says:

    Scott would be proud of you Ricky. I knew him a very short period of time and I thought highly of the guy just because he was so genuine and you honestly felt it when he said hi. When I would come to play basketball he would be like WHATS UP ANDREW! and I felt the same way, i still remember our last Staples event i asked you to put me on Scott’s team because he was just that dude you wanted to hang out with, full of enthusiasm and good leadership. What I loved about him the most was he was very passionate about the young ones, I still remember when he said just let the kids (who were playing before us at Staples) to play a little longer or the love he had for his kids and how proud he was of them.

    He is sorely missed but not forgotten and we can only hope we can be as compassionate and loving as he was with all, family, friends, or strangers.

  2. Remy Roque-Rose says:

    What a beautiful tribute. It speaks so much on the kind of person that Scott is, and the kind of friends that he had. My brother Romeo and his wife Jennie are part of that wonderful circle of friends that he kept.
    My thoughts and prayers to his grieving family and friends who loves him back in return.

  3. Aaron says:

    This was an amazing tribute. I’m so sorry for your loss but can already tell he’s made (and continues to make) you a better person. His legacy will live on in you and many others he so closely affected.

  4. Jerseise says:

    What happened?

  5. […] to Crawford. Also, my respect for Jamal is very high because of this. Follow Rey-Rey on Twitter at @TheNoLookPass for all tweets about the NBA and terrible pop music. […]

  6. Li Jie says:

    Great article-blog Rik Daddy!. I really enjoyed it. Scott Bui you will forever be in our thoughts and hearts.

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