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Gardener Blows During Shoot Around

Two early mornings in a row I have gone to LA Fitness to shoot around on the indoor basketball court and been CBed because they were closed for remodeling. Yesterday, I ended up going to Del Valle Park since I haven’t been there in a while. Today, I went to Somerset Park or something like that. I didn’t really catch the name, but have driven past it about a million times. It’s not the greatest, but it’s better than nothing. I started my normal warm up routine and this gardener started his leaf blower on the other side of the park. No biggie. Then he started moving to my side blowing leaves, dirt, and water everywhere. Not sure where the water came from since it obviously didn’t rain last night. Anyhow, I figure dude needs to do his job so when he got closer to me, I moved onto the other side of the court. But then he’d come to my side again. I’m like WTF? It’s hard enough to concentrate without dirt and crap flying at you. I swear he was just doing it to be a dick. I forgot my eye drops so I had to sit around all day with dry eyes filled with dirt and debris all over my face. Good times.

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