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3rd String Gets Our First Win

Damnit. Wordpress iPhone app failed me today so I have to re-type this whole blog entry.

Finally, our 3rd String ABA team got our first victory this past Sunday. Amazingly, it was an earlier game at noon against a team, Rum Jungle, that had a better record than us (though it’s hard to get worse than 0-5). Plus we weren’t with a full squad since Roel Concepcion has been out since game one with a knee injury, Eddie Lee was still up north, and we lost Elliott Moran in the first quarter after he tripped and banged up his knee. Their team wasn’t full either. In fact, they only had four roster players and some whiteboy they picked up in the morning. Hmm. Against league rules so we had to contest that. Not to be bitches, but we have dudes that we could bring in as well, but we didn’t and haven’t. So for a little bit, they were playing us four on five until their fifth man showed up then fouled out somewhere in the fourth quarter.

All around, we had a good game minus the turnovers. Our bigs were rebounding, the ball moved a lot more, and everyone was playing better defense than we have in the past. All of those things combined usually equates to a victory and that’s what we walked away with. It felt good to get that winless monkey off of our backs. Now I know how the Clippers felt when they drove to and home from every game in last season’s 19 win debacle. We almost won the second game in our double header against The Heights, but that’s a different story in itself. In fact, the last two minutes then the final 58 seconds were their own drama series. Sigh. We have one more game next Sunday against a really good team, so maybe we can finish this season 2-6, which isn’t too bad for our first season playing together. One, two, three…3rd String!

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  1. Roscoe says:

    I like it, but not the losing part

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